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When deciding on what type of therapy for prostate cancer to select it is important to weigh all the various facts. The grade of cancer, the overall health of the patient and the desire to maintain normal sexual activity and continence need to be considered in making the decision. HIFU offers the best alternative to keep a normal life style, minimal invasiveness and cancer control. It also does not limit other therapeutic options if cancer should occur like other forms of therapy.

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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. Once I learned that Dr. Tortora was offering HIFU in Cancun Mexico I immediately made my decision. He traveled with me to Mexico to perform the procedure on a Saturday. Walking on the beach later that day, returning to Raleigh Sunday  and to work on Monday, all with no pain. I remain cancer free with no side effects.


First HIFU patient treated in Cary, NC since the technology was FDA-cleared in October 2015

Thank you for your long years of medical school and training, your continued desire to practice and learn, and your willingness to search for new and better treatments.  I really appreciate your personal interest and caring for your patients and have been overwhelmed with your office staff and everyone’s willingness to ‘go the extra mile’.


After receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis, I did a lot of research on my own.  I educated myself about prostate cancer and the available treatment options.  Dr. Tortora told me about HIFU and I was able to make the best informed decision for myself.  I was very impressed with Dr. Tortora’s expertise and commitment to my care.  HIFU was the best decision I could have made.

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